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Aridditive have been Selected as One of the Most Innovative Startups in the Construction Ecosystem at REBUILD 2023

Aridditive, a disruptive concrete 3D printing technology Spin-off, has been selected to participate in the upcoming Rebuild Contech startup contest. The Rebuild event is a premier construction and building innovation fair in Madrid, where the most promising and innovative companies gather to showcase their latest technologies.

Aridditive’s revolutionary approach to concrete 3D printing has captured the attention of industry experts and investors. The company aims to revolutionize the construction industry by providing sustainable and digitized solutions. Its innovative technology allows for the printing of high-quality materials that improve the efficiency and sustainability of construction projects.

“We are thrilled to be selected to participate in the Rebuild startup contest. It is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our innovative technology and to connect with potential customers and investors,” said Roger Uceda, CEO of Aridditive. “Our mission is to provide sustainable and efficient solutions to the construction industry, and we believe that the Rebuild event is the perfect platform for us to showcase the opportunity.”

Aridditive’s cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability have been recognized by industry experts, and the company has received multiple industrial interests and accolades. The Rebuild event is an excellent opportunity for the company to demonstrate its innovative approach to 3D printing and showcase its potential to transform the construction industry.

Rebuild is scheduled to take place from March 28 to 30 in IFEMA, Madrid, where Aridditive will be showcasing its latest technology and engaging with investors and potential customers. The event is expected to attract thousands of industry experts, investors, and startups from all over the world.


Barcelona, March 21, 2023