Autonomous concrete 3D Printing
Enabling efficient and precise concrete 3D printing with Aridditive’s closed loop control technology, digitalizing the construction industry with our solutions.

Process Stability

Aridditive’s patented technology ensures a reliable and consistent 3D printing experience.

Seamless maintenance

Easily changeable, removable silicone casing for concrete 3D printer extruder, preventing extruder disassembly during clogs.

Adaptable precision

Our extruder allows for customizable nozzle sizes, enabling precise control over layer and bead dimensions for diverse applications.

Efficiency redefined

Aridditive’s system maximises productivity with its exceptional speed and optimised resource utilisation, delivering unparalleled efficiency in the 3D printing process.

3D Printing the Future of Sustainable Construction


Efficient and Sustainable Construction 

Aridditive’s 3D printing technology offers a sustainable alternative to traditional construction methods. By minimizing waste and using eco-friendly materials, we help build a better future.


Customizable and Innovative Designs

With ISCEX technology, we can create complex shapes and structures that were previously impossible with traditional construction methods. Our printers offer endless possibilities for custom designs.


Digitalization of the Construction Industry

We are leading the way in the digitalization of the construction industry. Our technology streamlines the building process, reducing construction time and costs while increasing efficiency and safety.

Excellent Mechanical Properties

Layer resolution

Aridditive’s technology achieves exceptional resolution, enabling intricate details and smooth finishes for high-quality 3D printed objects


Chemical bonding between layers

Aridditive’s technology ensures robust chemical adhesion between layers, resulting in durable and structurally sound 3D printed objects with exceptional strength and integrity.


Impossible Overhangs

Aridditive’s technology enables the printing of previously unachievable concrete overhangs, expanding design possibilities and pushing the boundaries of construction innovation.